I am a Christian comedian, mom of 3 crazy kiddos, & wife to my Bible college sweetheart for the past 15 years and who, like any woman approaching her 40th birthday, is in the weight/age battle with her own body.  

I was also struggling with joint pain and chronic fatigue for 18 months and had seen 3 latest diagnosis is fibromyalgia. It was getting so getting so bad that I couldn't hold my husband's hand because the joints in my hands hurt so badly.  I would cry after having to push a grocery cart around the store for an hour because of my wrists, elbows, and ankles.   I would just want to sleep all the time, but then sometimes the pain would wake me up.  

The medications that the specialists wanted me on were crazy and the side effects were bad enough that I tried desperately to find a natural remedy.  I googled like crazy and spent hours in places like Whole Foods, read books and articles, and talked to others with similar symptoms.  I tried some things that others gave me to try, but nothing worked.

As a new distributor of It Works, I kept reading reports from other distributors that their customers had amazing results with Greens (a drink supplement we sell).  I really didn't expect it to work, but I figured I shoud try it since I was selling the products anyway!  After mixing 2 scoops in my o.j. & drinking it 3 days in a row, I could not believe it!  I was 90% pain-free!  I even played dodge ball with our kids that weekend and about a month later even jumped on a trampoline with my girls for an hour with no pain!  My husband felt like he had his wife kids got their mom back! I got my life back!  I also didn't feel like sleeping all the time and actually got sleep at night!  

I'm on a bit of a mission now to introduce everyone to Greens..I have heard other testimonies on MS, IBS, RA, migraines, many things that these Greens seem to help with!!  And it's amazing for's the nutritional equivalent of 8 servings of fruits & veggies!! They actually take the most nutritious parts of the fruits of veggies (parts we typically throw out) the peel, stem, seeds, core and grind it up into powder form!  My kids would never eat that many servings & if they do, they are usually veggies that I have boiled or nuked the nutrition out of!  I even created a facebook page so I could post all the amazing testimonies of others..  (

It's been a huge blessing to our family and I thank God for introducing these Greens to us and this amazing business opportunity!  Use the contact form below or email me at order, click on 'shop' and go to the supplements section.  The Greens come in a tub or to-go packets (both have 30 servings)  for best pricing & perks... select 'become a loyal customer' at checkout!!
Dorie:) story on the wraps ('ultimate body applicators') & why I got started in the business!:)

Until recently, I must admit, I felt completely hopeless in that arena (of weight & age!) it was a rough mid-life crisis in the making!  Then, my friend introduced me to it works! body wraps and I had to try one!  

I am not a skeptic..I believe everything works the way it says it does..I love info-mercials (of course, I don't actually buy them..until they come to the Dollar Tree!)  But I must say that I have had little success with any of my other 'miracle' cures or 'magical' products much to my dismay and my husband's satisfaction as he enjoys asking how those shake weights and ab belts are doing in storage!  

So, I knew not to expect enthusiasm when I told my husband about the it works! wraps..he was not impressed by the name or the little package I brought home to try!  

I decided to make him be the one who measured me...I knew there was NO WAY he would believe me if I showed any results if I did it myself..he has to see it to believe it!  And I knew the only way I would convince him to let me spend more money on more wraps is if he saw the results himself!!  

He measured me before & after the 45 min and then every day for the 72 hours after..i did my best to drink a lot of water those 3 days to get the best results (half your body weight in ounces is what they recommend ..which I guess is what we are supposed to drink every day, but I'm a terrible water drinker so I had to make an effort to do this!) 

At the end of the 3 days (after only 1 wrap), I lost ? inches around my waist (I found out we can't post inch loss in a public forum because of all the bogus claims other companies have made about weight loss type products so I put a question mark there to pique interest and I might be able to disclose that info in a private setting, say an email?) And I got on the scale and also lost ? lbs!!  I didn't even know I could also lose pounds!  I hadn't seen the scale number move that direction in almost a year!!  (email me at for ? answers or fill out form below:)

Needless to say, I was pumped!!!  I actually went from a size 9/10 to a size 8 & I got to use a belt hole two notches smaller!!  Even my husband was impressed and told have got to sell these!   He never says that:)

I know that it is still a good thing to diet and exercise ..but let's face it, I have been trying that for years now and it's not going so good.  If I can help out my mid-life metabolism with these wraps by getting rid of the toxins that are holding my fat hostage, I'm going to do it!!  They seem to work a bit differently on everyone but about 85% of people get results with their first one and for others, it takes a few (I think that's why they made 4 a 'full treatment':)   

On my site, they are $99 for the 4-wrap treatment, but if you select 'become a loyal customer' at checkout, you will get a huge discount... 4 for $59! The only thing you need to do to be 'loyal' is buy 1 thing a month for 2 more months & after that you can cancel or you can stick around & get free shipping on all your autoships, free perk points ($1 free for every $10 you spend) and $50 free after 6 months!  Or just get a business kit for $99 and get the 4 wraps and your OWN home-based business!! Your wraps could be business expenses:)  Please email me if you want to go that route so I can help you set it up..check out the video if you click on 'opportunity'!

So, here I go..hoping I can help other women in the weight/age battle and get back what stress, pregnancies, and time is trying to take away!:)  I like the tag line It Works! uses..get your sexy back! (it's under there) 

I added the"it's under there" part.



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